Don’t Dress Up For Easter


To be honest I don’t even know why people dress up for church. BUT I REALLY DON”T GET DRESSING UP FOR EASTER! Seriously, Easter isn’t a fashion show. It’s not about us at all! At least if you are going to go all out for Easter, don’t buy something new just for Easter that’s ridiculous! I don’t have some theological argument to make, I just don’t think Easter should be about getting your kids in matching outfits so everyone can gawk at them or for you to parade yourself around either. I know this will fall on deaf ears. I mean I’m sure I’ll wake up Sunday morning and the Holy Spirit will lead me to wear a tie that morning. I just have to be honest that I really don’t think we should dress up because it is Easter.





Ten Things To Do for Easter:

1. Go to Church

2. Wear what you want

3. Tell people that you love them

4. Eat some candy

5. Pray

6. Read something inspiring

7. Nap

8. Throw a party

9. Eat

10. Live like everyday is Resurrection Day!