Questions That Haunt series

Over on Tony Jones blog he is hosting a series called Questions That Haunt Christianity. The first question is up today and you can read it on Tony’s blog.

Question One

This is my brief answer:

To answer the question without deconstructing the theology it is based on I would just offer this brief answer and then allow God to move in that situation.

If I were to accept Jesus and ask for salvation, how could I ever find happiness in the afterlife knowing that most of my family was sent to hell for eternity?

I’m sorry you think by accepting Christ you are celebrating the demise and eternal damnation of your family. I wouldn’t be so certain that they are in hell for eternity.

If they somehow have a chance to get into heaven despite their clear disbelief, why should I bother with Christianity, since I will have that same chance of redemption?

As far as I know Jesus had several clear moments of disbelief. If disbelief, doubt or uncertainty keeps you from the loving embrace of God then Jesus might just be with your family in hell. I wouldn’t focus so much on the eternal afterlife as much as the eternal now.