Let’s play Doggie Doo! Or better yet, be the gift.

Watch the video below;


I saw this commercial last night and I had to rewind it to make share that I saw what I just saw. A game where the premise is to feed the dog to watch it poo. The first person to collect three dog poops wins!


Did you notice the parent/adult in the commercial. She is the most excited! She claps when the dog poops.

I can’t believe that some kid in a few weeks on Christmas morning will receive this as a gift.

Then again, it’s pretty awesome!

Forget monopoly, phase 10, candy land…give me Doggie Doo!

Goliath Games is the creator of Doggie Doo but they have so many other great games!

They make a game called Gooey Louie.

Or what about Pop the Pig!

Here it is everyone…

I’ve found the reason for the season. Most people will watch these commercials and be disgusted. Ask questions of our moral compass and where is our society headed when fun games for children about dog poop and boogers.

But I’m not disgusted with these commercials. I’m more disgusted with the “games” or “toys” advertised to adults.

Like this…

This is way worse than any doggie doo or gooey louie game. This is “the pursuit of perfection.” NO IT’S NOT! IT’S A SUPER EXPENSIVE CAR.

Oh yeah, he’s a real man cause he bought some stupid watch.

This is what turns my stomach during this time of year. We consume christmas with a bunch of stuff. The last thing all of us need is more stuff. Buying that car is not the pursuit of perfection and buying a woman some fancy watch doesn’t make you a man.

I have no problem if you choose to buy stuff but If it’s the object that brings you the most joy and not the person, then you are doing it wrong!

Be the gift to someone this Christmas. Be the silly, childish game and have a good time. Be the loving, generous gift that someone receives this year. Don’t just buy some object and make it the gift. Be the gift.