Churches, Judgment Houses for Judgmental people: Atheism For Lent Part 2



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Prayer, a beautiful mistake

I’ve heard that the church is not a building but the people. So, I must first make some comments about the people who make up the church. From my vantage point there are several types of people who make up the church. There are the people to whom church is a lifestyle. Going to a building every Sunday morning, sitting in pews listening to music, prayers and sermons and putting money in a basket is a way of life. But it’s deeper than that. It’s Christianized culture. It’s “Christian” shirts, jackets, shoes, necklaces, bracelets and rings. It’s “Christian” music, books, movies and television shows. It’s a lifestyle just like being an avid outdoorsmen, it comes with its own wardrobe, music, vocabulary, it’s a lifestyle. The next are the people to whom church is a hobby. They hike, fish, paint, cook, scrapbook, garden, play softball and go to church. It’s not their lifestyle but just one thing in a whole mess of things they do on a weekly basis. Lastly, there are the people to whom church is a place they visit. It’s like touring state parks or Disneyland, they enjoy being their but they don’t go very often. These are the people who make up the church; The life-stylizers, the hobbyists and the visitors.

Each can’t stand the other because of their perceived lack of commitment to God. Life-stylizers judge the hobbyists and visitors for not making the church a bigger deal. The hobbyist’s can’t stand the visitors because they aren’t as invested in attending. The visitors and hobbyists can’t stand the life-stylizers because they are so condemning. If the church is the people, then the church is a condescending, judgmental, black hole.

If you were planning to go out to eat would you pick a restaurant where you knew for a fact they lied about what was on the menu? Would you go to a library that was filled with covers but not pages? Do you like used car dealerships full of lemons? Churches, are judgment houses filled with judgmental people. Most of them lie and tell people that the church will make you whole and fill you with love but most spit out hate and fill you with hatred towards people who aren’t like you. They lie and tell you God will provide, protect, heal you but you gather in those same places to say goodbye to people whom God did not provide, protect or heal. The preachers preach messages of hate and lies. They tell you God’s going to make you rich with blessings or God is going to do this or that knowing full well they don’t know what is going to happen to you. The music is mostly Pollyanna, Jesus is my boyfriend or about some violent death that we are to celebrate. It’s places of segregation and misogyny. Churches are filled with millions of people gathering to remind themselves that their hate of another person is justified because God hates them as well. Churches are filled with millions of people gathering together to pretend that their life is grand and practice make-believe. It’s a lifestyle of judgment, a hobby of hate, a place visited to reinforce your prejudices.